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AT&T U-verse is next generation fiber optic technology provided over an IP platform. Data streams travel through fiber optic cables at the speed of light! Internet is faster, TV service is clearer, and phone services are more advanced. Check AT&T U-verse availability by calling and speaking with a representative today.
For more than a century, AT&T has been providing dependable and groundbreaking technology. You get revolutionary, state-of-the-art and economical service which includes lightning speed fiber optic powered Internet, HD quality TV service and a crystal clear calling experience.
When you bundle AT&T U-verse services, you get
  • The convenience and simplicity of just one bill each month
  • Access to exclusive AT&T U-verse deals and cash back offers
  • Advanced features like Call History and Click to Call with a U-verse TV and Voice bundle.
  • Service integration with features like online call management with a U-verse Internet and Voice bundle.
To see which bundle is right for you, call an AT&T representative today.


U-verse TV is an IPTV service (Internet Protocol TV) which uses the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network. Using revolutionary fiber optic technology, content travels through AT&T’s two-way IP network and is delivered to customer homes via an FTTP (fiber-to-the-premises) or FTTN (fiber-to-the-node) connection.
Every channel lineup varies and is based on geographic location as well as the package you subscribe to. If you already have service, you can view your full channel lineup on your TV by pressing the Guide button on your remote or by using the U-verse app on your tablet or smart phone.
There are several ways to access your programming from any online connection. By visiting and logging in, you can view over 150 live TV channels as well as more than 350,000 On Demand options. You can also access live channels and On Demand programming with your U-verse TV app.
With the U-verse Total Home DVR®, you can record up to four programs simultaneously. Record and play back your shows on any TV with a U-verse receiver from a single DVR. Schedule and manage your recordings from anywhere with your remote, through the U-verse app, or online on You can also pause, fast-forward and rewind live or recorded shows in any room with a TV and receiver.
U-verse has so much to offer but some of the best features that keep customers most entertained are:
  • The ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV as well as record up to four programs simultaneously with the Total Home DVR®
  • MultiView which allows you to view up to 4 channels at once
  • Access to over 470 channels, hundreds available in HD
  • Advanced integration allowing you to view incoming calls on your TV with a U-verse Voice bundle
  • Option to download the U-verse TV app and view live channels, on–demand, and even recorded content from anywhere
In order to see the available TV packages for your home, call and speak with one of our representatives or view the most popular plans here.
The AT&T U-verse Residential Gateway links your U-verse TV and Internet together to allow you to access many additional features of U-verse technology. It’s a media fusion enabling you to access, share and overlap applications traditionally associated with just one service. You can access photos, music, and other media files your computer right on your TV.
With the U-verse wireless receiver, you can put your TV anywhere you want, no matter where your outlets are located. The strength indicator will show you how strong the signal is and identifies the best location to position your receiver. You’ll be able to stream standard and high definition programming and access everything else available with your package like digital music channels, on demand and more. A power outlet and a connection to a single TV is required for the device to work.


AT&T U-Verse Voice is revolutionary digital phone service powered by a powerful fiber optic network. It’s a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which converts your conversation into data packets. A high speed Internet connection is used to send and receive the data packets. It is voice communication driven by tomorrow’s technology. With this service, you can enjoy usage of a full list of advanced calling features Caller ID on TV, Locate Me, web-based call management, and much more.
Advanced features include Busy Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding, Call History, Call Screening, Call Transfer, Caller ID Blocking, Click-to-Call, Directory Assistance Blocking, Do Not Disturb, International Call Blocking, Locate Me, Caller ID on TV with a bundles U-verse TV subscription, web-based call management, No Answer Call Forwarding and Safe Call Forwarding.
Licensed AT&T technicians will make your switch to U-verse Voice effortless by providing you with a professional installation. In most cases, you will be able to keep your current telephone number. You can have up to two U-verse lines installed and you will probably be able to keep your same telephones and equipment. Enter your address in our search box to see if AT&T U-verse Voice service is available in your area.
AT&T offers various international phone packages. Learn more about AT&T U-verse international rates here.


U-verse Internet uses fiber optic wires made of pure, hair-thin glass to deliver a fast and reliable internet connection facilitated by the advanced Gateway router provide. For some homes, fiber-to-the-node is used which makes use of fiber optic cables as well as copper wire technology while for other homes, the transmission of internet service is facilitated over a fiber-to-the-premises connection where its 100% fiber optic technology. With either, you’ll be able to support multiple devices at one time on a powerful home network with AT&T U-verse online service.
AT&T GigaPower is the latest in advancement to internet speeds. With amazing speeds of up to 1Gbps, you’ll find little if any competition to match that kind of connection. It travels on a 100% fiber optic network and uses an advanced modem to deliver service to your home. Service is only available in select cities like Dallas and Austin but is being rolled out to other cities based on demand. Requests can be made by city leaders in order to have their areas considered for Gigapower deployment by emailing AT&T external affairs representatives
DSL stands for digital subscriber line and is a type of internet service that is transmitted over copper wire telephone lines. Unlike cable internet service, DSL provides a dedicated connection that travels directly to your home which ensures consistent speeds. Although the accessible speeds are not as high as that with U-verse service, many of the DSL speeds offer more than enough bandwidth to support everyday use for things like downloading media files, browsing websites and social networks, and other common activities.
Upgrades are being made to AT&Ts network all the time and speed availability is based on location. So while one area may have speeds up to 24Mbps, other areas may have the 45Mbps package available or even AT&T Gigapower with up to 1Gbps. In order to see the available speeds for your home, call and speak with one of our representatives or view the most popular packages here.
With your AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet service you will gain access to the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network, which will enable you to perform all of your favorite online activity at home or on the go. Your plan also includes AT&T Mail Plus for almost unlimited storage, 10 additional email accounts, a free Wireless Gateway router, personal home page, Firewall and SpamGuard protection and so much more. Call to speak with one of our representative to learn more about how a U-verse Internet package can benefit your home.
The AT&T U-verse Residential Gateway links your U-verse TV and Internet together to allow you to access many additional features of U-verse technology. It’s a media fusion enabling you to access, share and overlap applications traditionally associated with just one service. You can display your digital photos on your TV screen, listen to your favorite music, and so much more.